Anita Hasanandani bought such an expensive crib for her son Aarav, she shared this picture on Instagram

TV’s popular actress Anita Hasanandani shared an image of baby Aarav’s cradle and bed. Aarav is sleeping in this cradle while his mom Anita and his dad Rohit Reddy look at him with cherishing eyes. Sharing this image, Anita stated, Anita wrote, “When you have a baby. It is very important that you make sure that she feels safe and better. That is why I and Rohit decided to get this super cute crib and cot In this, he can easily eat, play, sleep and do it all again without disturbing me. “

Anita wrotes, “The way he feels safe in my lap, I have seen him feeling like this in this swing.”Although this is a promotional note of Anita.

The cost of this cradle is 18,999 rupees. You can get it from with a 50 percent discount. She is appreciating parenthood a great deal and is likewise exceptionally dynamic through social media. She is regularly sharing pictures and videos during her pregnancy. she is also sharing pictures and videos with child Aarav.

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