Bollywood actor Sonu Sood Corona is making beds and remdesivir available for patients

Corona cases are increasing day by day. Compared to patients, beds and medicines are not present in the hospital. In such a circumstance, many people extending helping hands. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is additionally one of them. Sonu Sood is now busy getting people to get beds in Remedesvir and Hospitals.

Sonu Sood is likewise telling on Twitter the number of people are calling him for help each day and the number of people he can help. On April 19, Sonu Sood tweeted a tweet. In this tweet, he said that 570 beds were requested from him, but he was able to arrange only 112. While only 18 out of 1477 Remedisvir could be found.

Sonu Sood looked very angry with it and told the failures of our health system. On Tuesday, he told that out of 417 beds, just 204 can get emergency beds. After a day, Sonu Sood advised that he has had the option to organize oxygen for 93/127 people and Remedisivir for 83/527 people and 196/422 beds.

Actors are also making people aware to get vaccinated.In India, the figure of corona patients has reached around 3 lakh 30 thousand. With this, there are around 24 lakh active patients in India. Today, in a virtual meeting with Prime Minister Modi, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has applead to give oxygen.

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