Chief Minister said, “21 ready to use oxygen plants coming from France”

New Delhi: Lack of oxygen has likewise become a major issue In hospitals in the capital Delhi. Kejriwal government has taken a big step to deal with, chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said today that 21 ready-to-use oxygen plants are being ordered from France.

The Chief Minister said, “We are exporting 21 ready-to-use oxygen plants are being ordered from France. They can be utilized right away. These will be introduced in various hospitals in Delhi. This will help to overcome the lack of oxygen in hospitals struggling with the oxygen crisis. ”

Kejriwal said that to defeat the lack of oxygen, the Delhi government is ordering 18 oxygen big tankers from Bangkok. These big tankers will be operational from tomorrow. For this, we have mentioned the Central Government to dispatch from the air terminal. We are getting the full help of the Central Government in this. Hopefully, it will work soon. The problem of oxygen import will be over after the tanker arrives.

CM Kejriwal visited LNJP Hospital in Delhi. In the wake of investigating hospital, Kejriwal said, “The Delhi government is planning ICU beds on a conflict balance.” 500 ICU beds are being set up in Ram Leela Ground before GTB Hospital. 500 ICU beds are being built in Delhi’s main Ram Leela Maidan. With this, 200 ICU beds Radha Swami is preparing in Satsang Beas. Total 1200 ICU beds will be prepared by May 10.

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