Controversy over Shahid Afridi’s birthday on his real age, let’s know

New Delhi. Previous Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi is commending his birthday today. In any case, the new debate has begun on how old Shahid Afridi is. Indeed, Shahid expressed gratitude toward his fans for saluting him on his 44th birthday celebration. Simultaneously, as per Shahid’s personal history, he is 46 years of age.

Shahid Afridi was essential for the Pakistan cricket crew for over twenty years. Aside from his dangerous batting and valuable turn bowling, this all-rounder was likewise in the conversation because of his looks. During this time, questions have additionally been raised about his age. As per the new personal history of Shahid Afridi, he was brought into the world in the year 1975. In this sense, he is 46 years of age. Be that as it may, Shahid has expressed his age on Twitter at 44 years.

Shahid composed on Twitter, “Thank you very much to all of you for sending me a lovely congratulatory message on my 44th birthday. My family and my fans are my biggest capital. I am very happy to join the Multan Sultans team. I hope that I will be able to perform some match winning performances for the fans of this team.”

That Shahid Afridi’s self-portrayal ‘Distinct advantage’ has shown up on the lookout. In this book, Shahid has unmistakably set up that when he made a world account of scoring a century in 37 balls, at that point his age was 19 years and not 16 years as it is advanced. Authorities had wrongly recorded my age. In any case, regardless of this revelation by Shahid, the fans were confounded. Since, supposing that Shahid Afridi was brought into the world in 1975, at that point in 1996, he ought to be more than 20 years of age.

On this tweet of Shahid, the fans are likewise taking a ton of squeeze about his age. A fan has composed that Shahid Afridi is a fantasy, a legend who scored the quickest century at 16 years old. Today he is 44 years of age, yet as indicated by his self-portrayal he is 46 years of age and as per Wikipedia is 41 years of age.

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