Corona Guidelines: Alert given for breaking Corona rules at airport, fines may be imposed

New Delhi: The organization is working every which way to lessen the developing impact of Corona. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has likewise become stricter with respect to the prevention of corona. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has given an admonition that whenever found abusing Corona rules at the air terminal, punishment can be forced. Observation at the air terminal will be expanded in the midst of expansion in the number of corona patients in the country. The civil aviation regulator said, “If a passenger is found in violation of the rules of Covid-19, it can be considered to pay an on-spot fine.” The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has announced that a few air terminals at Corona Given the guidelines are not being followed as expected, DGCA can take this step.

‘Travelers wearing face masks’

DGCA has additionally requested that carriers guarantee that they ask their travelers to wear a face mask at air terminals and follow social distancing. The Central Government is trying to control the corona as quickly as time so that the government is taking all possible measures.

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