Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain said that the lockdown in Delhi is not a solution to the problem.

New Delhi: Corona cases are expanding in numerous conditions of the nation, because of which the lockdown in certain urban areas has ground to a halt. In the capital of the country, even over the most recent couple of days, instances of crown have expanded quickly. In such a circumstance, the talk of lockdown is additionally spreading in Delhi. Stopping these bits of gossip, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain has said that there is no chance of a lockdown in Delhi as of now and the lockdown issue isn’t settled.

Satyendra Jain said that there is no chance of lockdown. First seen by lockdown, there was a rationale behind it. Around then no one realized how this infection spread. It was then said that there is a 14-day cycle from being contaminated to finishing the disease. At that point the specialists said that assuming every one of the exercises are bolted for 21 days, the infection will quit spreading. Even after this, the lockdown kept on expanding, yet despite this the crown was not totally wrapped up. I don’t think lockdown is the arrangement.

80-90 thousand tests are being done each day – Health Minister

While expressing the most recent province of Corona in Delhi, the Health Minister said that 1,534 positive cases were accounted for in Delhi on Friday and the inspiration is 1.8%. The inspiration that is available currently has been continuing for about a fourth of two percent for a few days. Prior the cases were less yet as of late there has been a slight increment. For this, we have expanded testing a ton. Presently 80-90 thousand tests are being done every day. We are completing multiple times a greater number of tests than the normal testing of the country. Are doing contact following, in each test which is coming positive, in it.

In light of the topic of how long the current pinnacle of the corona is probably going to remain, Satyendra Jain said that multi-week we should see the pattern at this moment. It requires 3 a month for any positive pattern to show up. The standards were being continued in Delhi for 3-4 months quite well, around then the cases were diminished. However, for the last 10-15 days it appears to be that the responsibility was diminished, in which we are likewise doing severity and interesting to peoples. The greatest responsibility is to apply veils. Assuming more peoples apply a mask, it very well may be controlled.

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