Delhi: Road Rage controversy, a shocking incident in Delhi, two youths are killed with knives

New Delhi: A shocking episode of irrational anger has surfaced in Paschim Vihar territory of ​​the capital Delhi. It is being informed that the bicycle and Scooty had contacted each other on Monday night. After which the squabble initially began and afterward two individuals were slaughtered.

This episode of Road Raid was recorded in CCTV. In the video, two individuals initially show up on Scooty. Two individuals are additionally riding on the bicycle ahead. A couple of moments the two sides are quiet, yet then a youngster wearing a white shirt arrived from Scooty slaps the young fellow wearing a cap.

A youngster additionally attempts to stop, yet from that point onward, the fight begins between the four. In the photos, the four adolescents are seen battling with one another .. However, meanwhile, a wound with a blade begins. In the wake of riding a blade assault on both the adolescent, the bicycle ridden youth escapes from that point.

The harmed adolescents are taken to the emergency clinic yet the two of them bite the dust. 23 years of age Rohit Aggarwal and 20 year old Ghanshyam passed on in Road Rage. Police have captured both the blamed for homicide. One of the blamed is 19-year-old Pradeep Kohli while the other is a minor.

Rohit’s uncle told that both Rohit and Ghanshyam went to the wedding. At the point when the police called the family to the police headquarters, they came to think about this occurrence. Rohit is the lone kid in his family. Rohit’s sister planned to get hitched in a couple of days. Rohit used to work in common protection and used to loan his hand to his dad’s shop. Aside from this, Ghanshyam used to work at the milk shop.

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