Gurugram Rain Lightning: 4 people standing under the tree to avoid the rain, lightning suddenly fell

Gurugram: Four people were injured in Gurugram on Friday because of lightning. As a matter of fact, it was coming down gently on Friday evening and these four people were standing under a tree to keep away from the rain in Sector 82 of Gurugram. During this time, heavenly lightning fell on him and the video of this occurrence circulated around the web.

This occurrence is being recounted the mark manor of Vatika in Sector 82 of Gurugram. At the point when it came down on Friday, 4 people working there went to remain under a tree to shield themselves from the rain. After those people remained under the tree, the heavenly lightning fell and they got seared. This occurrence of lightning was caught in a CCTV camera introduced close by.

Falling on the ground

In CCTV camera video, four people are seen remaining under the tree, at that point out of nowhere the lightning falls on them. After the lightning falls, every one of them four tumble to the ground. After the episode, these people were conceded to a private medical clinic close by. The state of three of these people is supposed to be out of threat, while the state of one individual is supposed to be basic.

It got viral after the video of this episode of lightning became visible. After this occurrence, a video turned out in which a gatekeeper is helping these people and they are seen calling for help to take them to the clinic. Altogether, there was light rain in the NCR on Friday.

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