Oxygen is not available in many cities of Delhi

New Delhi: There has been an oxygen crisis in the city throughout the previous seven days. Even on Monday morning, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said that the hospital is having trouble getting oxygen cylinders.

According to the hospital, “We have 104 oxygen cylinders that are used to transfer the COD from the Kovid emergency to the ICU and wards to the ICU in an emergency condition for the very sick Kovid patients, who are currently in charge of many patients.” Being admitted is being done repeatedly.” 104 cylinders three different places for emergency refills three days ago.

On Sunday, the Delhi government-appointed 15 DANICS officers for 125 hospitals who would coordinate on the availability of oxygen. The request gave by Udit Rai, Special Secretary, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Delhi, said that these officials will truly visit the visit the allotted hospitals and will be in touch with the management and understand the problems related to the availability of oxygen.

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