Lockdown effect on the sale of cars

Due to corona, the effect of decreased development is seen on the offer of vehicles.During the most recent fourteen days, there was an expansion in the offer of vehicles. In any case, because of lockdown and different limitations, the offer of vehicles has begun to decay. The auto industry has not yet completed a loss

Maharashtra: Demand for Remedesvir in hospital is increasing, and 3 arrested for black marketing of Remedesvir

Maharashtra: Cases of black marketing related to Remedisvir, which are viewed as significant medicine for the treatment of corona patients, are increasing day by day. Meera Bhayander police of the Thane region arrested three peoples who were black marketing of Remedesvir medicine. The police have held onto three vials of Remedisvir and stock worth Rs

Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, has also become corona positive.

New Delhi: Sunita Kejriwal Corona, wife of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. After the report of the wife came positive, Chief Minister Kejriwal has additionally isolated himself. As per the information got, Sunita Kejriwal has separated herself in the house. Let me tell you that last year Arvind Kejriwal got Corona tested after the symptoms

This big news for pregnant women related to the Covid-19 vaccine, let us know

The sooner a pregnant lady gets the Covid-19 vaccine,it is to transfer antibodies to her child. Specialists at North Western University School of Medicine have uncovered. Scientist specialist Emily Miller says, “We strongly recommend vaccination in pregnancy. But if you fear the harm to the child through vaccination, these data tell us exactly the opposite.”