Petrol Price: let’s know what is the price of one liter petrol in neighboring countries of India

Discussion about the adjoining nation of Bhutan, on February 15, the cost of petroleum was simply Rs 49.56 per liter. Then again, in spite of the great expansion in Pakistan, the cost of petroleum is simply Rs 51.14. Simultaneously, the cost of petroleum in Sri Lanka is 60.26 rupees and in Nepal, 68.98 rupees. Be that as it may, barring these adjoining nations, petroleum is marginally costly in Bangladesh and China. The cost of petroleum in Bangladesh is Rs 76.41 per liter. Simultaneously, the cost of petroleum in China is 74.74 rupees. And still, after all that, the cost of petroleum in these two nations is around 25 rupees less expensive than India.

In adjoining nations, the cost of one liter of petroleum (in round figure)

India – 92 rupees

Bhutan – 50 rupees

Bangladesh – 77 rupees

Sri Lanka – 61 Rupees

Nepal – 69 rupees

China – 75 rupees

Pakistan – 52 rupees

Why petroleum is costly in India

The significant explanation behind the cost of petroleum being costly in India is the unnecessary tax collection from government burdens here. 17-20 percent charge is exacted by the state governments. Aside from this present, vendor’s bonus is from 3.5 to 4 percent. This is the explanation that the cost of oil in the nation is a lot higher than the adjoining nations. Albeit the public authority has actualized GST framework under one country one assessment on different things, however petrol is kept out of it. Because of this, there was no effect on the cost of oil, it very well may be perceived thusly. On the off chance that the cost of petroleum is Rs 83.71, extract obligation 32.98 State VAT and other commission 19.32 Dealer’s bonus 03.67 Rs 55.97 for an aggregate of Rs 55.97 for example Rs 83.71 is charged by the public authority as duty. Along these lines the real cost of petroleum was just Rs 27.74.

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