Sonu Sood and Farhan Akhtar raised questions via a tweet on the cost of the vaccine, let’s know

In the country where the second wave of Covid pandemic is spreading. A private hospital is selling the Covid vaccine at a costly rate. The Serum Institute of India has released the rate chart Covid Shield vaccine.

Actor Sonu Sood and Farhan Akhtar have protested this rate list, the savior of poor, migrant workers and laborers since the lockdown imposed last year. The Serum Institute of India saying that Covishield will be given to the states for 400 rupees, private hospitals for 600 rupees and the center for 150 rupees.

Free corona vaccine

Sonu Sood shared a screen shot of this news on Twitter and said it should be provided free of charge. He wrote in his tweet, “This vaccine should be given to everyone for free. It is very important to control its price. Businessmen and individuals who can afford it, come forward and help everyone get the vaccine. I will do the business again sometime. “

Farhan Akhtar also raised the question

Actor and movie producer Farhan Akhtar also shared a screenshot of this news, “The spokesperson Serum Institute of India can help us understand why states should not get Covishield at the same price as the center?? And if they have issued a statement citing reasons, could someone please share a link re the same. Thank you.

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