These two features of WhatsApp are very fantastic, let’s know how to use

New Delhi: Whatsapp has become a part of peoples life in the present time. There are crores of WhatsApp clients in the country and the world. To give its clients the best highlights, WhatsApp launches new highlights. There are numerous highlights that are valuable. You can save your time by utilizing them. We should think about two features highlights of WhatsApp.

Advanced Search (Advanced Search)

WhatsApp launches a feature called Advanced Search last year, utilizing which clients can save a alot of time. This component shows up at the highest point of WhatsApp. Through this, you can without much of a stretch pursuit all the things including photographs, sound, recordings, archives, joins. For this, you need to tap on one of these alternatives. When you type on any alternative, you will go over all the things that you have shipped off somebody or somebody has shipped off you. You can save a ton of time by utilizing this component.

QR Code (QR Code)

WhatsApp not a couple of months prior QR code was launches for highlight clients. Utilizing this component, you would now be able to add any contact to your phone. For this you don’t have to save his number. When you check the QR code of someone else from your WhatsApp, a similar number will come in your phone. You can save it later. Aside from this, you can likewise share your QR code. When somebody filters your QR code, your contact number will be saved in their telephone. For this element, you need to go to the settings of WhatsApp. You will get this option.

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