WhatsApp is going to be a new update of a voice message, this feature will be even more fun

WhatsApp is working on news updates to its voice message. The organization may before long add a playable component to various playback speeds in voice messages. Till now you can tune in to the got voice message at ordinary speed as it were. However, presently after the presentation of the new feature, you will actually want to tune in to voice messages either at slow or fast speed.

By the news, users will be given three playback speed alternatives in this new feature which will have 1.0X, 1.5X and 2.0X. This feature will be made accessible straightforwardly, that is, when you get a voice message, WhatsApp will add a playback speed catch to it. Right now, this new component is as yet a work in progress. In any case, soon it will be delivered for iOS and Android beta form. It has been asserted in the media report that this component can be delivered to everybody in the coming not many weeks.

Allow us to disclose to you that WhatsApp is likewise chipping away at a lot more highlights. It likewise incorporates a multi-gadget support highlight. WhatsApp can add it to the stage in the coming days. The organization is creating two distinct sorts of multi-gadgets. In which you will actually want to utilize WhatsApp web without associating the fundamental telephone to the Internet. Simultaneously, you will actually want to interface your fundamental WhatsApp record to 4 unique gadgets. It is accepted that these highlights will be made accessible for iOS users and afterward Android users.

Simultaneously, WhatsApp is likewise continually reprimanding its privacy policy, however now remembering the security of clients, the organization is also working on the ‘Encrypted Chat Backup’ feature. In this, the reinforcement outsider application of your WhatsApp visits will go to the scrambled talk reinforcement choice of WhatsApp rather than Google Drive. This will increase the privacy of users and will also reduce the risk of accounts being hacked.

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