WhatsApp’s privacy policy annoys and wants to delete app, so how to delete your WhatsApp history

WhatsApp, users have begun being in danger of releasing their information. Individuals everywhere on the world are furious against the new security strategy of WhatsApp. In such a circumstance, numerous individuals have now decided to leave WhatsApp. Presently peoples are utilizing texting applications like Telegram and Signal. Peoples who are erasing their WhatsApp record may have numerous inquiries striking a chord, for example, would we be able to erase the whole history of WhatsApp account? Will our photographs and recordings be saved even subsequent to leaving WhatsApp? Is our old talk saved money on the worker? The response to every one of these inquiries is that you need to erase the historical backdrop of your record from the WhatsApp worker. Simply uninstalling WhatsApp doesn’t eliminate your information from the worker. We are disclosing to you a simple stunt to erase the total information of WhatsApp. Skill you can erase the whole history of your WhatsApp account.

How to erase whatsapp account

1 First you need to open your WhatsApp.

2 Now click on the 3 dots which show up in the right side on your WhatsApp.

3 Go to the Account option.

4 Now tap on the given Delete My Account.

5 Here you need to enter your telephone number on the new page, at that point click on Delete My Account.

6 However, before to deleting the account, you need to clarify the purpose behind this.

7 Now again click on Delete My Account.

8 After doing this, all your WhatsApp messages will be totally erased. Aside from this, you will also be removed from all groups of WhatsApp.

9 The special thing about deleting an account in this manner is that your information gets totally erased even with Google Disk.

10 Now you can uninstall WhatsApp, all your information will have been erased from WhatsApp’ server.

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